Nominees – CG Architectural 3Dawards. We are in!!


News came a few days ago that made Slashcube very very happy. Our Schanzengraben exterior image got nominated for the 3Dawards. You never expect to have such news, so when it happens…it is amazing.

Fingers crossed then for the big ceremony on July 11th in Mundos Digitales in La Coruna. Slashcube is going to be there for the whole conference and the ceremony, so lets wait and see what is going to happen!!


As for the nominated image….there you go!!!


For this one we used Maxon Cinema 4D for all the modelling. The rendered image was done with Vrayc4D 1.8. Render times we really dont remember but it was quite smooth.

You would like to thank our friends from Laubwerk for their really nice plant kits. We actually had to use a Red Oak tree from their kit, to mix some 2d footage of the surrounding we had there.



So these are our news for the upcoming July event.


Stay tuned people!!



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