The Valley

Well guys, this week was something really nice. Following the CGMA masterclass, this week brought an evening shot. Being inspired by some of MIR visuals, my last evening went really fast and really smooth. This piece had lots of things to be considered. More than 15 different pics to montage together (from skies, mountains, a crazy work with the house, even the foreground bushes ).

But still, im kind of used to make evening shots so all the tips and the workflow was all that i needed to wrap up this piece in less than 6-7 hours. It is amazing to see your way of thinking change , soon as you have a clear understanding on things that surround you. Being used to wait for a calculation of photons is not always the way to go!!! It might look difficult, in some cases it does need a lot of focus and understanding, but in the end…it is just about following some lines and working on references. As Anthony says…references ..references..references!!!


Till next week then…

Moody Evening Valley


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