WinterWonderland – Part 1

WinterWonderland – Part 1

I just want to share an ongoing project i’ve been working this month. Well it is actually a finished project that was executed in India from an event management company. The design of the whole set for this project goes to Vikas Sharma, an Indian Designer. The event was a 25th wedding anniversary. quite interesting to think about it, after all.

The whole idea behind the visuals is to keep it as close to the finish result.I will keep you posted with some more, as soon as i find some time to gather and put some close ups on the whole scene.Most of the model was given in Max format and details( snow, planks on cabins, and some modeling around here and there) were added in Cinema 4d, where it was actually rendered with VrayC4D.

So i will try to tell a little bit more soon…

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